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APPLICATION - IsiNet Business
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General information

This form is to be used by businesses, companies, government organisations, schools and other non personal entities wishing to use IsiNet. As many customers require more than a single person to authorise transactions the initial applicant (Master User) has full access over all functionality in IsiNet through access to the Manage Users functionality. This means being able to transact on all accounts, set up additional users, assign functionality to them and change internal limits. This full functionality can be modified, to suit business requirements, if another Master User is created and access rights are amended. It is the entity’s responsibility, using the Manage Users function, to change access so that individual users do not have complete access to all functions.

This form is to be completed online by the initial Master User. It is to be completed by a single individual only.

After entering the required information click on the Submit button. The information is sent to the bank and the form is printed.

After reading Section I - Declaration, execute/sign the form and take it to your NBV relationship manager. When processing by the bank is completed an email is sent notifying activation. Users may then start using IsiNet.

Please obtain and read a copy of the NBV Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions and the IsiNet Business Terms & Conditions from your nearest branch or download from the NBV website at www.nbv.vu.

From within IsiNet, Master Users can create other users and allocate specific functionality to them.

Section A – Client details (Entity)
Name of business, school, company
Trading name (if applicable)
VIPA registration number
Business license registration number
Section B – Initial authorised user details
Master user
Check if applicant is first user to register
Mr Mrs Miss Other
Given name(s)
Date of birth
Mailing address
Phone (work/home)

Phone (mobile)

Email address
Select a User Name for IsiNet. NB: this is a unique name and the one you select may be already in use by someone else. If this is the case try another name.
Do you have an existing personal account with NBV ?
Yes Account number
No Complete Customer Identification and/or Acceptable Referee form and submit to bank with documents to complete identification process.
Section C – Customer records to be linked
List the NBV customer numbers that you would like to link to IsiNet.
Customer number
Customer name
If additional customer numbers are to be linked print the IsiNet Business Amendment form and attach the relevant page.
Section D – Fee debiting information
Nominate an account to which IsiNet fees and charges can be debited if applicable.
Account number
Section E – Global daily limits
This is the maximum total value of transactions for all transaction types (excluding internal transfers*) within a 24 hour period.
The default Global daily limit is Vt10,000,000. Increase or decrease the global daily limit to Vt
Requests for limits above the default are subject to NBV approval.
*Internal transfers are transfers between accounts in Section C.
Section F – Transaction limits
The maximum transaction authorisation limits in Vatu for any user are:
Transaction type
Transaction limit
Daily limit
To other NBV account transfers
Domestic Funds Transfers
To multiple accounts
Overseas transfers
These limits can only be changed by submitting a fully authorised IsiNet Business Amendment form.
Section G – Overseas transfers
I/We request the bank to allow me/us to initiate overseas transfers from IsiNet. The bank determines if this service is to be made available. By completing the Overseas Transfer form and pressing Submit you are authorising the bank to debit the nominated accounts for the transfer amount and fees and send the funds to the recipient by its normal channels of despatch. The bank is not responsible for any delays, errors or failure to process a request.
Overseas transfers        Yes        No
Section H – Privacy & consent
When you apply for IsiNet, you acknowledge that NBV is likely to collect and use some of your information including
details about your transactions, your financial conditions, your account relationship with NBV and/or your account(s)
(collectively referred to as “Information”). The collection and use of this Information by NBV is explained below.
NBV may collect your Information:
  • to assist in providing information about a product or service;
  • to consider your request for a product or service;
  • to enable NBV to provide a product or service;
  • to tell you about other products or services that may be of interest to you;
  • to assist in arrangements with other organisations (such as subsidiary companies) in relation to the promotion and provision of a product or service;
  • to perform other administrative and operational tasks (including risk management, systems development and testing, credit scoring, staff training, and market or customer satisfaction research);
  • to prevent or investigate any fraud or crime (or a suspected fraud or crime); and
  • as required by relevant laws, regulations, codes and external payment systems inside and outside of Vanuatu.
If you do not provide some or all of the Information requested, NBV may be unable to provide you with a product or service including access IsiNet.
When you applied for IsiNet, you consented to:
  • NBV collecting your information to enable it to provide the service or product applied for;
  • NBV disclosing your information to:
    • any service provider NBV engages to carry out or assist its functions and activities;
    • any third party providing you with a product or service in relation to your account;
    • credit reporting or debt collecting agencies, and any credit provider to help you avoid a default on your obligations, or to inform them of your default to participants in the payments system (including financial institutions, merchants and payments organisations);
    • any of its branch, subsidiary, affiliate or agent of NBV, including its employees, auditors and legal advisors;
    • other parties which NBV is authorised, required by law or compelled by court order to disclose information to;
    • your authorised agents or executor, administrator or legal representative;
    • any person where in NBV’s view the disclosures are necessary or desirable for the purpose of allowing NBV to perform its duties and exercise its powers and rights under the Terms and Conditions.
Section I – Declaration
  • I/we and my/our Authorised Users acknowledge that I/we have read and understood the NBV Electronic Banking and IsiNet Terms & Conditions and by executing this document, accept these documents and agree to be bound by them in my/our use of IsiNet
  • I/We (as the Entity named on this form) are liable for the use of IsiNet by my/our Authorised Users and that I/we are responsible for ensuring that the Authorised Users comply with all obligations imposed on me/us and my/our Authorised Users under the NBV Electronic Banking and IsiNet Terms & Conditions
  • I also acknowledge that the service provided by NBV and my/our obligations under this Agreement, in respect of the accounts nominated in this Agreement, are subject to the terms and conditions governing those accounts.
  • I/We warrant that:
    • in the case that the Entity is a company or an incorporated body a resolution was passed in accordance with the Entity’s Constitution or Memorandum of Association for an application to be made for IsiNet
    • /we are duly authorised to make an application for the use of IsiNet subject to the NBV Electronic Banking and IsiNet Terms & Conditions, and the supporting documentation provided with this form evidences the matters stated in this clause
    ( Note: attach a copy of any power of attorney and or minutes of the Entity’s resolution to certify the above)
  • I/We acknowledge that the Initial Authorised Users are provided with full authority to operate on those accounts listed in Section C and permitted to withdraw daily in total an amount not exceeding the approved Daily Global Limit where available funds permit until such time as their functionality is amended within IsiNet to prevent them from doing so.
  • I acknowledge that amendments or cancellation of any other authority on the accounts listed in Section B, now or in future will not affect this authority, which is to continue in full force and effect until the bank receives notice of amendment or cancellation in writing.
  • I agree that the contents of this application and the supporting documentation provided together with this form are true and correct and that my/our signature(s) below indicate(s) my/our understanding of, and consent to all matters set out in this application form, including the Privacy and Consent statement above.
Signatory 1
Position(eg Director, Secretary)
Full name
Signatory 2
Position(eg Director, Secretary)
Full name
Signatory 3
Position(eg Director, Secretary)
Full name
Note: If there are more signatories to sign, copy or reprint this section and attach page(s) to this form.
The common seal of        (Client)
was hereunto affixed by the undersigned proper officers of the company
Director Full Name
Director/Secretary Full Name
Bank use only
Relationship manager/Branch
Is form completed correctly
Resolution to commence IsiNet attached
Customer signature(s) verified
(to bereturned to branch authority folder by EB)
Branch authorising officer signature
Electronic Banking
All details checked for completeness and accuracy
Account numbers loaded to IsiNet
Linked account numbers validated
Overseas transfers enabled
Transaction limits loaded to IsiNet
Non default Daily Global Limit loaded to IsiNet
Number of users to approve transfers loaded to IsiNet
Fee account loaded to IsiNet
EB checking officer
EB authorising officer
Security questions

Please select 4 different security questions and provide answers to them.

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Security images